On a day that Internet Explorer is releasing emergency patches to fix security holes, Mozilla has announced that the latest edition of its Firefox browser is ready for download.

Firefox 3.6 packs a lot of improvements under its hood - but its main tweak is speed. Mozilla is boasting a 20% improvement on Firefox 3.5, and there's also been a pile of more subtle changes that should help you achieve what you're trying to achieve just that little bit faster.

It comes with HTML 5 support, a new way of dealing with themes called "Personas", an updater for plugins like the one for applications, improved stability with fewer crashes, and form completion functions that suggest things to put in based on what you've put in on other fields on other websites.

Here's a chap from Mozilla called Mike Beltzner to tell you a little more:

To grab the new version of Firefox, head on over to Mozilla's website.