If you really have nothing else to do this Friday afternoon, then you can head over to the Ask Jeeves search engine homepage and play around with costume options for a middle-aged man.

With the boast of 100,000 different outfit combinations, Ask says "Jeeves can become Superman, Elvis, Robin Hood, James Bond, don garish Hawaiian holiday attire or even dress for a day among the posh polo set".

The Flash-based app also lets users share their Jeeves character via email with friends or on social networking sites or add him to their personalised Ask Jeeves homepage.

An Ask Jeeves marketing exec says: “The Dress Up Jeeves application gives people the opportunity to get engaged and create their own Jeeves. It offers another dimension to the Jeeves character and hopefully will bring a smile to the faces of our users".

Some of the costume options are branded - such as Ben Sherman shirts - presumably a way to fund that flashy interface.