The chaps at the Pirate Bay have announced that their anonymization VPN service, Ipredator, is now out of beta and available to the public. The service, which allows surfers to completely conceal their tracks, was launched in response to Europe's proposed IPRED laws, and has been in private beta for a while.

For 5 euros per month, you can conceal your IP address from any monitoring agencies that might be interested in what you're doing. However, the flipside is that you'll lose a little bit of speed because your signal is bounced around a few times to achieve the required anonymization, and the VPN host can view any data that you send through the network - so you'll need to trust them.

Services like Ipredator are the filesharers' response to an increasing clampdown on copyright violation on the Internet. In Sweden alone, it's estimated that 500,000 people are already using such services to stop third parties from tracking their browsing.

Future upgrades for Ipredator could see the data stream being encrypted not just between the user and the VPN, but also between the VPN and the destination of the data - outside the border of Sweden, which recently introduced wiretapping legislation that allows the government to spy on individual web connections.

You'll need a credit card, or a Swedish debit card to sign up, and you have to buy 3 months usage in bulk. Will you be signing up? How about if the Digital Britain bill gets through parliament more or less unchanged? Let us know in the comments.