American retail giant Best Buy's delayed entrance to the British market has begun softly, with the launch of its UK website.

"We're really looking forward to welcoming you to the Best Buy experience", says the retailer on the site, as Best Buy shops - in partnership with Carphone Warehouse - are confirmed to open doors in spring 2010.

"We're a leading global electronics retailer with a real passion for the latest and greatest consumer technology and fantastic customer service", the site's blurb reads.

With nothing to sell right now, the site offers a wealth of advice, guides, how tos and similar editorial, including a look at CES launches.
There's also a community forum and a company blog, with posts so far from Paul Antoniadis, the CEO of Best Buy in the UK.

Antoniadis writes: "At the moment our team is busy getting ready to launch our business in spring 2010, and this website is the first stage in that process".

As a UK consumer are you excited about the launch of another consumer electronics chain? As for our American readers - do you shop at Best Buy? What's your opinion of the chain? have your say in the comments box below.