A survey has revealed that 11% of UK consumers only listen to music digitally - shunning cassettes, records and the (technically digital, we know) CD in favour of MP3s and music streaming services.

A full 57% of consumers listen to music digitally, with 51% of those using an MP3 player. 33% of 16-24-year-olds said that their life would be "impossible" without new technology, which does seem to be overstating the case just a little.

 The survey is from Mintel, and the company's senior consumer analyst, Suzanne Smith, said: "Although internet-enabled mobile phones have been around for some years, it was the UK release of the Apple iPhone in 2007 that sparked major changes in the mobile phone market and in the way UK consumers use their phones".

Our CD collection is certainly gathering dust these days, but we're actually listening to more vinyl records than ever. How about you? Has the move to digital changed your habits, or are you still treasuring your cassettes? Tell us below.