Evernote, the cloud-based note taking and brain expansion tool, has upgraded the beta of its Android application into a full release, following "months and months of development", according to the company.

The app has pretty much the same functionality as the iPhone edition - you can create text notes, take photos, record audio and search any previously-saved notes from any platform that Evernote is available on, as they're all stored in the cloud.

Evernote contains pretty powerful image recognition - it can grab text out of images and make it searchable. As an example, you can just take a picture of any business card you get and discard it while retaining a searchable database of all of them.

Android Evernote captures your location whenever you create a note, so it's even possible to search your notes by proximity to your current location - useful if you're looking for a picture you took nearby, for example.

Evernote also teases users by saying that it has "big plans" for Android in 2010. We wonder what that might entail - we'll keep you posted as soon as we hear.