TalkTalk is currently undertaking a publicity stunt that finds it paying householders £250 for the "naming rights" to their homes.

With some tenuous link to how sporting arenas are seeing more corporate rebranding, the telecoms co is paying out to those prepared to incorporate the TalkTalk brand into the formal address of their dwelling for 1 year.
First to step up to the publicity post are Elaine and Darren Snow with their detached house in Sanderstead from now on to be called TalkTalk Towers.
"If the great sporting and cultural arenas of the nation can be renamed then why not individual homes?" says Mark Schmid of TalkTalk.

"We aim to have 50 deals completed by the end of the year across the country and to do more next year".
People interested in selling the naming rights to their homes can email namingrights (at) TalkTalk Mansions, TalkTalk House or the TalkTalk Home are still available.