Back in September, after suffering massive hardware issues, Bittorrent tracker Demonoid went down. But now, the site suddenly appears to be back online, accepting logins from registered users.

An announcement on the front page reads: "Hello! We are currently testing the newly written code. More downtime is hopefully not necessary, but might be a possibility. Welcome back, we missed you!". Perhaps as a result of the data loss, the latest torrents in the database only run to 11 September - before the site went down.

The RSS feeds for the site still aren't functioning, but users are reportedly logging in to find their share ratio almost exactly where they left it when the site went down. The little demon logo is back too, complete with a Christmas theme.

While some suspected that the original tracker actually went down due to involvement from content owners, it appears that either that was incorrect or that the site has managed to get around the issue in some way - many sites often relocate to a different country when they have difficulty with rights-holders.

However, it may be that Demonoid, thanks to its invite-only nature, attracts a little less attention from the major music labels and film studios. We'll keep a close eye on the site and see what happens after Christmas, especially following the recent collapse of Mininova.