Opera has announced that it's going to unify the interface of the mobile variant of its browser across every phone that it's available on. That new interface is now available to both operators and OEMs.

It'll work on Android, BREW, Windows Mobile and Symbian/S60 smartphones, and lets OEMs give the same browsing experience to their customers whatever device they choose to use, and therefore an easier set of FAQs and help files which don't have to cover hundreds of different handsets.

Opera's CEO, Jon von Tetzchener, told Pocket-lint: "Because no operator offers just one type of mobile phone, Opera has developed a new UI solution that can be deployed on multiple phones and platforms. Due to its pure versatility, the cross-platform UI framework can be customised by Opera to meet brand requirements".

Businesses can find out more at Opera's Business Solutions site, and consumers can grab Opera 10 beta on all platforms except Android and Brew from opera.com/mobile. Why not Android and Brew? Because apparently "these platforms present limitations that hinder mass consumer distribution", says the company.