The first federal lawsuit has been filed in the messy explosion of Michael Arrington's "Crunchpad" project. The blogger has filed suit against Fusion Garage - the company which was originally going to make the gadget, but has decided to go it alone and rename the project the "JooJoo".

The lawsuit claims "violation of the Lanham Act, breach of fiduciary duty, misappropriation of business ideas, fraud and deceit, and unfair competition", and includes as evidence reams of emails and plenty of accusations that Fusion Garage is about to go under.

To that end, Arrington is also demanding that bloggers don't link to the pre-sale site for the gadget, in the hope that the company will be denied the revenue that he thinks it needs to fight the lawsuit. Arrington also claims to have personally created "the entire blueprint" for the device.

This is a tangle that doesn't look like it's going to get untangled anytime soon, so whether or not you're hoping to get your hands on one of the devices, whichever name you give it, don't expect that it'll arrive in the near future.