has labelled 7 December "Mega Monday" - saying that it's likely to be the busiest shopping day of the year, with 1000 to 1,100 orders rolling in every minute.

Play also expects sales to rise 20% over last year's figures as shoppers avoid the traditional rush of the high street and take advantage of the calm of online shopping to make their purchases from their PC.

Another difference on last year is that the peak has shifted from office workers logging on at lunch to a peak just after 9am after the kids have been dropped off at school, and one later in the evening at 9:30pm, instead.

Could this be due to employers cracking down on web surfing, or just because increased unemployment means that those with jobs have more work to do and less time to idly surf shopping sites?

Stuart Rowe,'s COO, told Pocket-lint, "Mega Monday is set to be our biggest sales day yet this year. We have more deals this year than ever before which are enticing customers to shop with us. The wet and windy weather is no doubt an important factor as to why so many people are shopping online, avoiding the crowds of the high street".