has announced the release of its annual Best of 2009 web "featurette" of what users of the social music service have been listening to the most in 2009.

With one big artist list (instead of artists/albums/tracks) expanded to a Top 40, has split the list into separate parts, a little confusing if you're looking for an at-a-glance view, but interesting to those who are looking for a more detailed look at the year in music.

"We compiled the Top 40 by looking at scrobbles for albums released between 1 October 2008 and 16 November 2009", says in a blog post.

"We took out live albums, greatest hits collections, EPs and singles before pulling them together into the lean, mean format you'll see in this year's Top 40".

"We added some extra data this year, notably the month-by-month scrobbles (so you can see how you fit in with the global artist listens) as well as top tracks, event images and attendance data".