Bundle Box, the online service that bulk ships products from the States to keep postage costs down, is offering a new service to UK consumers called "Buy For Me", that, at a price, will help you purchase products from the States.

Many US websites won't accept UK credit cards which can be somewhat problematic if trying to splash the cash Stateside.

In steps the "Buy For Me" service that sees Bundle Box purchasing the product for you with you then paying the site back - plus an admin charge of 5%.

All you need to do to use the service is drop Bundle Box an email with the product details and a link to the website you're trying to purchase from and they will do the rest, sending you a payment request by return.

On receipt of your payment, Bundle Box will then purchase the goods on your behalf and the vendor will ship them to your Bundle Box address, at which point you can either have them sent straight on or get Bundle Box to hold fire if you're waiting for additional US purchases to arrive before shipping.

The address to email with your purchase request is info@bundlebox.com, while there's more info on the whole shebang over at www.bundlebox.com.