Pacemaker has announced that it's spinning off its website - - as a more distinct property, renaming it "Let's Mix". The site allows DJs to upload, store and share the mixes they create, and then embed those mixes elsewhere.

Pacemaker calls it "a sort of YouTube for music mixes", but admits that most users don't own a Pacemaker - they just use the site for its functionality. So on 3 December, the site will go down for a few hours and relaunch with new functionality.

The team behind it says that the finding/listening experience will be more streamlined, uploading and embedding will be smoother and there'll be the option to discuss, track and share your own mixes on the site. The Pacemaker Editor software is also getting a similar update to reflect the new functionality.

The site will go live as a beta version at While it sounds like the functionality is beginning to approach the UK's popular, we won't be able to tell for sure until the new site launches, so stay tuned.