If you're a hardened eBay fiend, then you'll know the value of watching your auctions like a hawk. If you're desperate to bag that multipack of pipe cleaners in rare colours, or R2D2 pencil sharpener, or sample of Chuck Norris' nostril hair, then you have to be there when the auction finishes to sneak in a last minute bid.

Well, now BlackBerry owners have something else to obsessively check along with their email, as eBay has rolled out a BlackBerry App World application for the auction site. It lets users search for, track, and buy an item from their handset. It accepts PayPal payments, and will notify you of your bidding status, as well as place reminders in your BlackBerry's calendar.

The app could prove dangerous for some - we have a friend who once bought a DVD box set of all the episodes of Saved By The Bell ever following a drunken night out. Imagine the carnage if he had that access on his phone. Thankfully it was just the original series, not "The College Years" or "The New Class".

The app is free and available now.