Digg's founder and its CEO have said that they would like to offer location aware homepages, however the technology isn't there to offer that just yet.

Talking at the web 2.0 expo, the duo suggested that users will in the future would be able to see a localised version of the Digg homepage whether they were in India or Chicago.

"The noise out there is extreme" claimed a rather shy looking Kevin Rose before suggesting that a way to filter that could be to localise the content to you.

"I'm really interested in location based services," said Rose later in the fireside chat admitting that he had invested in FourSquare.

The social networking site is hoping that future changes, just as Digg Trends, will allow the site to grow from 40 million users a month to 100m, although the pair failed to give a time frame for when this will be achieved.

As for when or how they plan to make money Rose suggested a novel advertising idea:

"If you have a crappy advert advertisers should pay more"

No word on when that one will be rolling out.