A company called WarMouse has seen the problem of trying to remember a million shortcuts in applications like OpenOffice, Photoshop and some video games, and is attempting to solve it by building a slightly ridiculous 18-button mouse with analogue joystick and 512k of onboard memory.

The OOMouse comes with profiles designed specifically for use with the five primary OpenOffice.org applications, as well as a few other apps and games, but the keys are programmable for any app - meaning that you can set them up to do whatever you like. The company is also building up a catalogue of default profiles "for everything from major mainstream applications to obscure DOS abandonware", even offering to create profiles on request.

Warmouse is calling the OOMouse "the complete opposite of Apple's approach", adding "The Magic Mouse has one giant button that can do 10 things, we have 18 buttons that can each do two or more things. And a scroll wheel. And a joystick. And 512k of memory".

And if you're after something like this, but a bit more games-oriented, then you've got the option of the Razer Naga MMO Mouse, or a selection of mice that WarMouse promises it'll be releasing in 2010. We'll keep you posted of that.

In the meantime, the OOMouse works on Linux, Windows and Macs, and costs $75. It'll be available "soon".