Photo card company Touchnote, has launched a new picture gallery full of 900 new images to users to create cards with.

The new gallery will allow users to choose from a wide range of images, from photography and artistic drawings, to sketches and paintings.

Users will now be able to create Touchnote cards using images from partners such as the Natural History Museum and the Royal Geographical Society, as well as independent artists and photographers like Mark Anderson and Sureka
Dharuman. So it's a bit more cultural than Moonpig.

You can search for the type of image you're looking for easily, with pictures categorised under occasion, emotion, artist or photographer.

Alternatively you can upload and personalise a digital photo from your computer, add a personal message and then Touchnote do the rest - printing and mailing the card to your intended recipient anywhere in the world.

Head over to Touchnote's website for more information to get started on a card.