Fujinon, a company of FujiFilm USA, has announced the launch of the industry's widest 3-megapixel vari-focal lens, ahead of its unveiling at the ISC West convention in April.

Previously, a fixed focal lens or lower resolution-rated vari-focal lens was needed to capture horizontal views greater than 100 degrees.

However, the YV2.7X2.2SA series (intended for security applications) can capture a horizontal field of view of 120 degrees at a full 3 megapixels.

The lens incorporates Fujinon’s "AT" Aspheric technology, developed by the company’s broadcast television division, to improve optical performance while reducing overall size and weight.

The lens is available with a manual or auto iris model, as well as with a longer 230mm iris cable for cameras with cable connections in the back of the camera.

No news on pricing or availability as yet. We expect more to be released come April.