Pop this on the list of "gifts to get a photography enthusiast". It might look like a camera lens, but if you look closely at the etchings on the rings, you'll see that each one controls an aspect of the calendar, including days, dates, months and years.

Known as The World's First Camera Lens Camera (just in case you were wondering if there was anything else like it on the market) and designed by Sharad Haksar, the only problem with the calendar is that it comes to an end in 2032.

There's been no confirmed release date yet, but it does seem like something that will hit stores soon - at least somewhere in the world.

It's also not clear if the calendar will tick itself over on its own, or if you'll need to do it yourself, but one thing is for sure - it will certainly be much better on the environment, and probably on your pocket, than all those paper calendars you buy every year.