Nero has announced that its popular digital media software is to be bundled with all Sanyo's new Xacti HD dual cameras.

The Sanya Xacti VPC-HD2000 and VPC-FH1 dual cameras will come with Nero 8 Essentials software, which helps users easily edit, author and burn HD home videos using their PC.

Being Nero 8 Essentials, the software will only offer limited functionality that will have been chosen by Sanyo, but users will be able to purchase additional plug-ins, or alternatively upgrade to the full version if they want.

"We are pleased to bundle Nero 8 Essentials with the new family of Sanyo Xacti HD Dual Cameras”, stated Hideki Toyoda, general manager at Sanyo.

"Nero software delivers exceptional editing, authoring, playback, and back up tools while offering the best possible digital experience for Xacti users".

For more information on Nero products, or Nero 8 Essentials in particular, head over to the Nero website.