Bogen Imaging has announced a new tripod family from Manfrotto that claims to be "lightweight, compact and reliable".

The M-Y range is designed for use with lightweight digital SLR and compact cameras, and claims to mix "high performance and ease of use", making the range accessible for both amateur and professional photographers.

The M-Y tripods take away the hassle of having to choose a separate head, as the camera can just be mounted straight on top of the tripod as it is.

There are six different versions in the range, two featuring 3-way heads and four featuring ball heads. Weights of the tripods range up to just over 1kg, and can support payloads of 2 - 3.5 kg, while all six fold up to a compact 42-51cm with a maximum height of 144cm.

Looking a little more closely, the 7301YB and 7321YB are the two that feature the 3-way heads, the former being an aluminium head, designed for smooth movements when using a compact camera, and the latter able to be used for both photo and video.

Both feature separate pan and tilt locks, a quick release plate and a short ergonomic bar, particularly handy for panning or tracking moving subjects. Furthermore, the tripod legs can be set independently in two different angle positions thanks to a newly designed selection system.

The remaining four tripods in the range all feature ball heads. The 7302YB incorporates a quick release ball head with +90°/-90° orientation grooves and a repositionable locking lever, while the 7303YV is a four section tripod embedding a compact ball head.

The 7322YB and 7322YSHB provide compact tripods for those who need their tripod to be ultra portable. The 7322YB is a four section compact tripod with a small ball head, while the 7322YSHB is similar but even smaller still, as the most compact tripod in the range. It is easily transported thanks to its small folded length.

Finally, M-Y is available also in a monopod version, the 776YB. Portable, compact and reliable, the four section monopod is capable of an extension of 152.5 cm and a maximum payload of 4.5 kg.

The Manfrotto M-Y family all come with a carry case included and will be available from February 7th 2009. The prices will be as follows:

7301YB £129.95

7302YB £119.95

7303YB £109.95

7321YB £94.95

7322YB £79.95

7322YSHB £69.95

776YB £34.95

For more information, head over to Bogen Imaging's website.