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(Pocket-lint) - Windows 10 is the company's latest version of its operating system and comes with a number of cool features that extend the productivity beyond what was possible with Windows 7 or Windows 8.

Getting hold of a copy to install on your main machine, or perhaps a second machine you're building is the easy part. Simply go to support.microsoft.com, whether you've paid for a copy or not, and download the Windows 10 ISO. Once downloaded you can burn it to a DVD or create an install USB drive ready to boot from during the boot up process.

How to get Windows 10 for Free

You can technically run Windows 10 for free without ever activating your copy of Windows 10, but you won't get support, you'll have a huge shouty watermarked message on the desktop wallpaper, and you won't get the latest software updates. It's great for evaluating which version of Windows 10 you want to run, but we wouldn't recommend it as a long-term solution.

How to get Windows 10 Pro for $12

If you want to use Windows 10 without the warnings, but don't want to pay the full amount for a licence from Microsoft (more in a moment) you can opt to get a CD-Key from a range of different companies online.

A CD-Key is still a legitimate way to guy a legal copy of the software. One such seller is URcdkeys.com. The company sells Steam, Origin, and Uplay platform game CD-keys to those needing a CD Key once they've installed the software, be it Windows 10 or the latest video game like Battlefield V Origin or Battlefield V Cloud, which you can also get discounts on using our exclusive code PK3.

Companies like URcdkeys.com are able to offer huge discounts because it buys unwanted legitimate keys from other retailers who've perhaps bought too many and have surplus keys they haven't used.

In the case of Windows 10, that means getting a Windows 10 Pro CD Key Global for under $15 with a further 20 per cent off if you use an exclusive Pocket-lint discount code PK20 at checkout.

That brings the final price down to $11.78.

Buying a Windows 10 Pro CD Key from Microsoft for $199

If you want to buy your product key from Microsoft, you still can. It will be identical to the one you buy at a CD-Key website, like URcdkey.com, but it will cost you $139. Buying directly from Microsoft offers no real benefits over buying it from a third-party CD-Key seller.

What's the best option?

All three options will get you Windows 10 on your machine. Running it without activation, obviously while free, has its downsides in the lack of support and that annoying watermark.

Going with Microsoft directly does give you peace of mind and you might get additional benefits like one-to-one training and phone support, but there is no real reason for the high price.

Buying a CD-key from sites like URcdkeys.com will give you a legitimate licence at the fraction of the cost and let you spend the extra cash on upgrading your graphics card, adding extra memory, or buying a better keyboard and mouse.


URcdkeys.com doesn't just sell Windows 10 Pro keys. You can also get Office 2016 Professional Plus CD Key Global for $30.35 (using the 20 per cent off coupon code PK20), or Office 2019 Professional Plus CD Key Global for $43.09 (using the 20 per cent off coupon code PK20).