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(Pocket-lint) - There's nothing like a glitchy phone to take the shine off the holiday season. Whether you're trying to show your family the amazing snaps from your summer vacation, get some merry music playing through Bluetooth or just get away from your family with a bit of Instagram scrolling, you want to be able to depend on your phone. 

If it's playing up, though, and you're finding yourself exasperated by a phone that's just not working as you want it to, one solution could be dr.fone, an all-in-one app made by WonderShare. Moreover, Pocket-lint readers can now get up to 50% off all of its features as part of dr.fone's Christmas sale

WonderShareWondershare drfone provides up to 50 off Christmas sale for all features in its toolkit image 2

1. What is dr.fone?

WonderShare hasn't just named its system on a whim - dr.fone really is like a full medical for your smartphone, helping you in a variety of ways to ensure that your phone is in the best of health, and to let you recover lost files from it, unlock it in the event of a forgotten passcode, erase unwanted data and more. 

2. Three toolkits to choose from

There are three different toolkits that you can pick from when you download dr.fone, letting you choose the services you need for your smartphone, rather than buying a blanket solution. You can opt for the Android-only version, if you're a fan of Google's operating system, or the iOS-only version if Apple is more your cup of tea.

Finally, there's a Full Toolkit version that will bring the relevant features to either Android or iOS devices, in case you or your family has a mixture of both and wants to be sure that you can help all your devices. For the holiday season, all three toolkits are 40% off, too, so you don't miss out on savings regardless of which you pick. 

3. Eight solutions for your phone 

But once you pick your toolkit, you might want to know what features you'll actually get from it. The good news is that it's a long list. Taking the iOS Toolkit as our example, you get all of the following useful options as part of the package:

  • dr.fone recover: World-first iPhone data recovery software helps you to get lost data back from phones that you might think are lost causes.
  • dr.fone switch: Freely and easily transfer data between your iPhone and a new Android handset you might move to.
  • dr.fone restore social app: Never lose the contents of a WhatsApp chat again, with straightforward backups and transfers between iPhone and Android devices.
  • dr.fone unlock: Unlock your iPhone or iPad's lock screen even when you've forgotten your password.
  • dr.fone repair: Repair various iOS system problems, like your phone never booting past the Apple logo, recovery mode looping, black screens and more, without data loss.
  • dr.fone backup & restore: Backup your iPhone's data and restore it to new phone.
  • dr.fone erase: Keep only the files you want with an efficient iOS data eraser.
  • dr.fone transfer: Transfer the exact data you need from your iPhone to your computer easily and quickly.

Again, now is the time to take the plunge if any of those features sounds like it could be of use. As part of dr.fone's Christmas sale offer, customers can get 40% off all those tools store-wide, and get the 2-in-1 bundle of popular tools at 50% off.

4. Why choose WonderShare's dr.fone?

The quickest answer to that question is that your time is too precious to have to faff around with long-winded solutions and Google searching how to get things working right on your phone. dr.fone offers one-click solutions that you can initiate without any device other than your phone, and is entirely safe and professionally-used. 

It's been around for a decade, too, the sort of longevity that demonstrates WonderShare's devotion to easy mobile solutions, and that's led to it gathering 50 million users across more than 195 countries around the world. 

5. Holiday pricing

But if that record of success and reliability isn't enough to get you excited, a holiday sale should be. dr.fone's offering savings across its line of solutions, but let's again look at the iOS toolkit as the perfect example. 

That bundle of eight amazing features normally costs $99.95 — but, right now, if you go through dr.fone's holiday discount page to buy it, you get fully 40% off that price, bringing it down by nearly $40 to $59.97. That's the sort of saving that can make the holiday season all the more calm, giving you the confidence that your phone isn't in danger of letting you down any time soon.