It's that time of year when companies announce year-end statistics and name their "best of" award winners, and Google is the latest to join the crowd, with its annual round-up of the best Android apps, games, and more.

The company didn't specifically name which apps and games took the top spot, but it did publish this little hub that seems to chart the best apps in each category. The best apps list, for instance, is topped by Djay, a free app that transforms your Android device into a full–featured DJ system. 

As for games, that list seems to start off with, a free title that lets you play online with players from around the world as you try "control your tiny cell". Players bigger than you will try to eat you, while you can eat smaller cells. The idea is to survive and eat long enough to become the biggest cell.

Check out trailers for each of those apps, below. We've also included links to 20 other apps and 20 other games that made Google's 2015 list. Let us know in the comments if you agree with what Google put out.

Google's Best Apps of 2015

Go here to check out the full list.