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(Pocket-lint) - Getting food delivered is as easy as opening an app - basically every UK supermarket has some form of delivery option, and most of them have become a great deal more robust in the last couple of years, in response to growing demand. 

On top of that, there are also more and more excellent options if you want something a little more involved, like a meal-kit provider that sends you ready-to-cook packages that make experimenting in the kitchen a lot less daunting. Whether you want to stock up on basic ingredients, or want that sort of guidance, we've gathered some of the very best options for you, right here. 

Of course, regardless of which you choose, you'll likely have to wait a short while to find a delivery slot (unless you're happy to pay a bit more for quicker access) - demand is sky-high right now, with everyone stuck at home!

Best supermarket delivery services

First up, we're tackling grocery shopping - if you want your weekly or bi-weekly shop to move online, there are loads of places where you can pick up your ingredients, and get basics like milk, bread and much, much more, too.


Here are links to some of the most popular shops' online storefronts, so that you can stick with whatever you like best. Exactly what they offer will be different, as will their exact delivery charges, but as a rule of thumb we find that most people prefer to stick with whatever their normal in-person shop would be!

Tesco - Visit store

Sainsbury's - Visit store

Morrison's - Visit store

Waitrose - Visit store

Ocado - Visit store

ASDA - Visit store

Iceland - Visit store

Co-Op - Visit store

Best speciality grocery services

Of course, you might be looking for something a little more specific than just your everyday basics and supplies for your home - there are also plenty of more specialist outlets that cater to exact needs. These include boxes of vegetables, local meat and more besides. We'd heartily recommend giving these shops a browse, to see if they've got anything that stokes your interest. 

Riverford Organic Farmers - Visit store

Able & Cole organic foods - Visit store

Framison & Co meats - Visit store

First Choice produce - Visit store

Best meal kit services

Finally, we have a category that takes the best of high-quality ingredient delivery and gives you a bit more of a helping hand with it - meal kits. These handy services are generally a little pricier than shopping for yourself, but deliver exactly the right ingredients and quantities to let you cook a superb, balanced meal.

They'll have instructions to help you along, and the ingredients are generally of a high quality, too, so if you're looking to spread your culinary wings this could be a real option. 

HelloFresh - Visit website

MindfulChef - Visit website

Simply Cook - Visit website

Gousto - Visit website

Pasta Evangelists - Visit website

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.