You wait 364 days for Christmas Day to come round for it to all be over in 24 hours. Countless days of shopping, hours of cooking, more food and drink than is normal for four people to consume let alone one, and then bang, it's Boxing Day and you're stuck with half a turkey, a saucepan of brussels and another year's wait to see Uncle Fred again.

Capturing the memories is essential as you'll need them to look back on for the next 12 months to remind yourself all the anticipation is worth it. With that in mind, here are 9 apps for making sure you have every moment of your Christmas Day fully documented. 


Instagram is the mother of the filtered image and it's perfect for snapping a shot of grandad asleep on the sofa, your utterly awesome looking turkey, or a video of you unwrapping your presents.

There are numerous filters you can add to make your pictures look more arty or exciting and sharing them on this app will mean all your friends and family who aren't with you can share your Christmas too, and vice versa. You get unlimited uploads and you can take your shot or video directly from Instagram if you don't want to fiddle around uploading from your photos.

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Facebook is an obvious one we know, but it is also one that we couldn't leave off this list. Like Instagram, you can see what the friends and family you aren't with are getting up to, as well as share your own updates, photos and videos.

You can add filters through Facebook itself, although there aren't as many to choose from as Instagram. Facebook has the added advantage of allowing you to tag any of your friends or family that are with you so they can see all the pictures you share on their Timeline, which means you can get theirs too and consequently more memories documented with less effort. You can of course also tag those who aren't with you too so they can see straight away what's going on where you are.

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Pinterest is a great app for finding and sharing inspiration, as well as organising what you have found in an easy and simple way so you can find it quickly next year if you want to repeat what you did, or create something you didn't have time for this year.

You can Pin anything from your decorated table to your perfectly wrapped presents on custom-labelled Boards. There are thousands of ideas on Pinterest so whether you see a genius idea from another user that you want to replicate or you just want to share your work with others, it's a brilliant place to start. Think of it as the scrapbook of the future.

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Regular Instagram users will get to grips with Framatic in no time as it offers a very similar interface and overall look, with the addition of the one feature Instagram misses - combining multiple images into one. There is the option to do this through Instagram now via the Layout app, but it requires a few more taps.

Framatic offers 36 adjustable layouts, 92 effects, 40 patterns to use as backgrounds for your collages and features such as Magic Shaking that allows you to shake your device to generate a random collage. A picture speaks a thousand words as they say so think how many words four pictures in one can speak.

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For those who prefer to capture videos instead of images, Vimeo is an app that needs to go on your device. You can upload your film attempts straight from your camera roll or gallery and you'll also be able to see videos from your friends, family and others in your feed.

Vimeo offers HD playback with no ads before, after or on top of your videos and if you want to watch yours or others without an internet connection, you can pop them into your Watch Later queue for plane, train or commute entertainment.

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Another one for those that like to capture moments with motion, Vine allows you to create short, looping videos in a nice simple and fun way that your friends and family can see.

You get unlimited uploads and you can share the videos you create to Twitter and Facebook so those sharing or not sharing Christmas with you that don't have this app can still see what has been happening. Like the other social networks on this list, Vine also enables you to find, follow and interact with people close to you and explore trending posts.

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Elf Yourself

Elf Yourself is more for fun than anything else with its mission to turn up to five of your friends or family into a video of elves that you can then share on email or post onto Facebook.

You upload the photos from your camera roll or Facebook, select a dance theme and the app generates a custom ElfYourself video which you can customise a greeting for.

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Christmas Card Booth

Christmas Card Booth is for those that would rather have a photo of them turned into Santa and decorated with snowflakes, than a photo of them turned into a dancing elf.

You can decorate your images with all kinds of things from Christmas trees and candy canes, to ornaments and reindeers and then share them via Facebook, Twitter or email. Photos can be imported from your camera or Facebook and you can move and rotate them with your fingers, as well as have your finished designs printed as a post card should you want to wish friends or relatives a Happy New Year.

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Christmas Booth: Festive Photo Fun

Similar to Christmas Card Booth, Christmas Booth: Festive Photo Fun is another app that will add some fun to your photos, whether it is adding seasonal stickers or turning the person in the photo into a famous festive character.

As you would expect, your creations can be shared via Facebook, Twitter or email and there are loads of stickers to play with so you're guaranteed hours of fun, and probably some embarrassment if anyone gets hold of your phone.

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