It wasn't until quite recently that Instagram made it much easier to create a photo collage of several images in one. It's now possible to upload one image that combines up to 10 photos in one directly through the Layout app, which is accessible through Instagram itself but it wasn't always that simple.

Before Layout appeared, there were, and still are, a variety of apps that make it possible to round up the best parts of your year, holiday or night in one image rather than spend the day uploading individual ones. For your golden ticket to hang with the cool collage kids, here are six apps to accomplish the one-image wonder.

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Starting with the app that makes uploading a collage to Instagram as easy as pie is Layout, which is made by Instagram. It's a very simple app that has various layouts at the top. You select between two and ten images from your albums and you can see the result of each layout at the top.

After you have created the collage in a layout you are happy with, you can add a border, mirror or flip different image or replace an image. Saving the final collage allows you to then upload to Instagram or Facebook, as well as share to a text message, email or Twitter, among other options.

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Photo Grid

Photo Grid enables you to combine multiple photos into one image and there are over 300 classical and humorous layouts to choose from. There are filters for stylising shots, templates to decorate them and you can also create a scrapbook with images, text, stickers and a customised background.

After you have selected the images you want to combine, the app will automatically place them in the grid, which you can then customise. You can do all sorts from switching your photos around, changing the frame sizes and backgroun, as well as add borders and text.

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Pic Collage

Pic Collage has been downloaded by over 70 million people and it allows you to import images from your gallery or photo library, Instagram, Facebook and web image search. You can then print your collages or share them with your social networks so everyone can see how good you are at combining images.

There are numerous backgrounds and stickers to make things a little more interesting and double tapping will enable you to edit a photo where you can flip it, clip it or adjust the border. This app also offers its own kind of collage social network where you can have a username, follow others to see their collages and respond to a collage with a collage.

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Fotor Photo Editor

Fotor Photo Editor allows you to create a collage with up to nine images, after which you can adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation and sharpness, along with add text and apply filters and effects.

This app also offers 13 scene options to match the conditions you took the photos in and there are six photo-taking modes available with features including Burst, Timer and Sqaure if you don't want to make a collage with images you already have.

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Framatic is an app for those of you with an iPhone or an iPad and along with its 36 adjustable layouts, this app features 92 effects that can be applied to any photo, 40 patterns or over a million colours that can be used for backgrounds and 32 Instagram alike borders you can use to make your collages different.

You can also create your own watermark to go on the collages you create if you opt for the premium package, choose from 16 fonts and share on any of your social networks. Framatic also has something a little more special too in that you can shake your device to generate a random selection of pictures or use the Magic Group feature to group your images by time and location.

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For those with a Windows Phone device, PhotoCollage has exceeded 51 million users by offering 39 layouts that will allow you to arrange your images in a variety of different ways from tall rectangles to freely placed.

You can emphasise the subject of the photo by adjusting displayed areas and there is also the ability to add coloured frames before you share your collage via one of your social networking sites or email.

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