We are rapidly approaching the end of 2015 so it's time to look back on some of the great things we were treated to in the last 12 months.

The iPad, for example, has had one of the biggest additions to its family, both figuratively and literally, in the 12.9-inch iPad Pro. And we've also been treated to an enhanced, speedier iPad mini 4.

But the hardware itself is only half of the story. A tablet is only really as good as the software that is available for it and Apple has recognised a collection of the very best apps that have appeared over the year in its annual editor's choice selections.

All available through the iTunes App Store and chosen by the Apple team, these are the games and utilities the company recommends you download for your tablet right now.

Best iPad apps of 2015

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Winner: Airbnb

This year the iPad finally got a dedicated Airbnb free app of its own, with a stunning design and more open interface. It still offers the world of locations to rent and stay, but in a more spectacular, visual way.

Most innovative: Yousician Piano & Guitar

Yousician provides a fun and friendly way to learn an instrument, be that a piano or guitar. Beginners and advanced players can get something from it, and the lessons are easy to follow - they are even gamelike. Do be aware that while the app is free, there are subscriptions ranging from £14.99 and up.


Also recommended

Best iPad games of 2015

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Winner: Prune

Quite unlike any game we've played before, the £2.99 Prune puts a virtual plant in your hands to nurture and grow through simple swipes of a finger. The art style helps create a soothing, zen-like state, although there is also plenty of challenge to ensuring your plants survive.

Most innovative: Her Story

An excellent mystery game, Her Story (£1.49) cleverly uses video to tell a tale of murder through a series of interviews recorded over time. Haunting and interesting at the same time.


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