Christmas is but a hair's breadth away and it's time to decide what to give granny/little Johnny/sis/the cat as an annual token of affection. And that can be a daunting decision, with each year passing making it harder to a) think of what to buy them, and b) what you bought them last year so you don't accidentally just buy the same thing.

On Pocket-lint we will be giving all manner of ideas on how to treat your loved ones over the next few weeks, which can help. However, we also appreciate that Christmas is also a time to say stuff the family as well as the turkey, what's in it for me? So we're also putting together lists of things you might want to either buy for yourself or put on your list to Santa and the first one is for iPhone owners.

You've already got the phone, be it a 4S, 5C, 5S, 6 or 6 Plus, so here are a few accessory and app ideas you should consider to treat it with...

Innergie LifeHub


LifeHub is one of those products you might not consider usually but after trying one you'll wonder how you managed to get by without it. It is a three-port USB charging hub with am almost 15 foot extension lead that stretches a long distance away from the power socket. Each USB socket is 2.1 Amp so can charge just about anything that requires USB power, including an iPad (or three).

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We've used one on our travels and find that it's the ideal product for those who own an iPhone, tablet and another USB-powered device, such as a PS Vita.

TVMan Mobility


Yes your phone can receive live TV through streaming services and apps, such as BBC iPlayer or TV Player, but what if you don't have a mobile or Wi-Fi signal, or data package with enough scope to splurge on watching television?

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The TVMan Mobility wireless DTV antenna is basically a Freeview set-top-box with its own mini aerial that you can fit in your pocket and connect to your iPhone wirelessly. The dedicated app can also record programmes onto your handset to watch later.

Mighty Power Wallet


Who regularly gets through a day out and about without running out of battery on their phones these days? But who also wants to be the designated battery carrier - the sort that always has a mobile charger in their pocket on a night out?

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With the Mighty Power Wallet, available on, you can have your charger on you at all times without having to take a different device out with you. Its 3,000mAh battery stores almost twice the amount of power needed to charge an iPhone 6 from zero to 100 per cent and the wallet comes with a Lightning cable too.

Infuse 3

Free (£7 for more options)

One of the best media playing and streaming apps available on iTunes, Infuse 3 is a free app on iTunes but can be expanded in-app to Infuse Pro a one-off fee (or purchased separately on the App Store). And that is well worth the money as it turns a decent media player into a media munching powerhouse.

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It plays a staggering amount of media files, including MKV videos, downloads the metadata to make the front-end look beautiful and is compatible with just about ever server type for streaming video. It can play files in 1080p and even download them to your device from a one-button click in app. Plus, if you upgrade it will also play DTS-HD and Dolby Digital audio soundtracks thanks to a licensing agreement.

Bowers & Wilkins P5 Series 2 headphones


Bowers & Wilkins has updated its superb P5 headphones with even better drivers this year and although the represent the priciest gift for your iPhone in this round-up they are well worth it. Coming with an iPhone-supported in-line microphone and remote, they are perfect for commuting with as they are not too large to stand out too much, yet as sexy and comfortable as on-ear headphones can be.

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Of course, it's the audio quality that really counts and thanks to utilising two 40mm drive units featuring the same technologies found in the brand's more expensive P7 headphones, they have upped the sound performance dramatically yet retain the signature clear tuning the company is renowned for.

Proporta Ted Baker and Barbour iPhone cases

From £15

Accessory manufacturer Proporta makes iPhone cases for two of the biggest British fashion brands and the line-ups for each are so different that we've included both.

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The Ted Baker range of shell and flip cases is a little more femine perhaps, with floral patterns dominating the range. There are a selection of plain cases geared more towards men, but the new Barbour International line-up takes things to an even more blokey level with faux leather and waxed cotton finishes. That said, we'd know people from both sexes who would be happy with them all.

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Mad Catz C.T.R.L.i Bluetooth game controller


Mad Catz has been making games controllers for many years and all of that experience rubs off on the C.T.R.L.i - an iPhone and iOS version of its successful Bluetooth control range. It can be used with or without a mount for the iPhone itself (which just about holds the iPhone 6 Plus, although it's tight) and is simple to connect to the phone.

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Once done, games that can be controlled through the functionality Apple introduced with iOS 7 will work with the C.T.R.L.i. You will need to download a free application from Mad Catz, but that has the added benefit of including links to many of the compatible games on the iTunes App Store. It makes it very simple to find quality titles and where the Mad Catz controller is head and shoulders above many rivals is that its build quality mirrors that of Microsoft and Sony with their own-brand console gamepads.

Logitech UE Mini Boom Bluetooth speaker


Logitech's full-sized UE Boom Bluetooth speaker is a real contender for one of our favourites. It is capable of a massive amount of volume, yet retains a clear presentation throughout - all in a small, cylindrical case. The UE Mini Boom is, naturally, smaller still and more conventional looking. However, it too is capable of great audio from such a tiny box - especially for the price.

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It's light and robust, with a rubbery surround, and can even be hooked up to a second Mini Boom to make a stereo pair. This is done through the free iPhone app you download and install after purchasing.

LiveScribe 3


The LiveScribe 3 is a smart pen that will ape on your iPhone's screen the words you write on a special pad. It also works in conjunction with an audio recorder on your phone, which associates the time of your recording to the notes you take. That way you can go back to certain notes you scribbled during a meeting and visit that specific part of the audio. It is very handy for cutting down on time needed for transcribing interviews or chats, for example.

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It uses Bluetooth Smart to connect to the iPhone (or iPad if you fancy) so is efficient on battery life. And you can replace ink cartridges and buy new compatible notepads separately.

SingStar: Ultimate Party


SingStar on the PlayStation 3 and PS4 this year dispenses with the need to use a dedicated microphone with the game and, through a free app, lets you use your smartphone instead. That means you can sing along to every tune in the game waving an iPhone in front of your face. If you have an iPhone 6 Plus, you could even pretend that it is an actual microphone after all.

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You can actually download the main SingStar portal software on the PS4 or PS3 for free, but you will need to purchase songs separately through its dedicated download store. The SingStar: Ultimate Party edition comes on disc and has a large selection of current and classic songs to sing without having to buy anything else.

TinType by Hipstamatic


Hipstamatic has always been a staple on our personal phones even in the age of Instagram and other social network picture sharing apps. We just love the style of it and the filters and options seem to be more creative, we feel, to others. TinType is the developer's latest app and is specifically designed for portrait photographs, either of somebody else or a selfie.

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It has few options, but can tweak images after the picture has been taken to mainly make them look like they've been taken using a camera in the 1800s/early 1900s. It sometimes provides an odd effect but there are few other mainstream apps that offer similar.

Innergie PowerJoy Go Pro


Another entry in the list for Innergie, the PowerJoy Go Pro is a similar charger device to the company's LifeHub but for in-car use. It has two 2.1 Amp USB ports that can charge and power a couple of devices at the same time, both from the cigarette lighter.

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There's little more to it than that, but it can be incredibly handy, especially on long car journeys. And you can ensure your phone retains its juice while powering a satnav on the way.

IK Multimedia iRig Mic HD


IK Multimedia has been making audiophile quality iOS accessories and apps for as long as we can remember and its latest is a step-up version of its popular iRig Microphone.

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It is a high-quality handheld digital condenser mic for singers, podcasters and anybody else who requires better sound recording. It sports a 24-bit analogue to digital converter and is capable of a 44.1/48kHz sampling rate. Black and silver versions are available, with the latter an exclusive to the Apple Store.