So, you now own an iPhone 6S Plus and want to know if there are any apps available specifically for your new Apple-made phablet? Why, yes...yes there are quite a few good apps to choose from.

Many of them simply take advantage of the phone's 5.5-inch screen, while some of the more unique ones offer support for 3D Touch, an entirely new way to interact with Apple's latest phones. This nifty feature enables your phone to sense how much pressure you apply to the display and thus adds a new dimension of functionality.

Keep reading to learn which apps you can download today, and what's been changed to make them not only fit the iPhone 6S Plus but also take advantage of of the new 3D Touch feature.

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Netflix (Free)

Netflix actually updated in 2014 to be optimised for the iPhone 6S Plus, meaning it's perfect for the iPhone 6S Plus too. The video-streaming service will not only let see more on-screen content on the phablet but also 1080p video.

OpenTable (Free)

OpenTable is a restaurant reservation app, and it offers a dual-paned view for iPhone 6S Plus and iPhone 6S Plus users. Very few third-party apps have a dual-pane mode, so that makes the app worth checking out on your phablet.

It's also one of the first apps to use 3D Touch. You can 3D Touch the app's icon in order to quickly tap into your favourite locations and upcoming reservations, for instance, and you can Peek and Pop within the app to quickly get information about restaurants or even book a reservation in one tap.

Clue (Free)

Clue is a period tracker, and it added optimisations for iPhone 6S Plus, so it's great for the iPhone 6S too. Prior to this update, the cycle wheel looked rather small. It's now larger and much more easy to see and use.

But that's not all: this popular period and fertility app also integrates with HealthKit in iOS 9.

Yahoo! Weather (Free)

Yahoo! Weather, like many of the other apps throughout this list, looks incredible on the iPhone 6S Plus' bigger screen. You'll see current temperatures over even-larger Flickr photos in full 1080p resolution.

Sky Guide ($1.99)

Sky Guide notably offers star and constellation guides than pan in real-time as you move your iPhone.

It is iPhone 6S Plus-ready too, meaning you can use the app to view the night sky in landscape mode and you’ll be star-struck (see what we did there?). 3D Touch in this app also lets you preview articles when searching for stars using Peek and Pop gestures. Sky Guide also has Home screen app icon shortcuts.

Duolingo (Free)

Duolingo is a language-learning app that feels like an iPad app when used on the iPhone 6S Plus in landscape mode. The interface and quizzes have been scaled up and are much easier to view and use. Duolingo also supports 3D Touch, so now you can start a practice lesson right from the home screen.

Tweetbot 4 ($4.99)

Tweetbot 4 is a popular Twitter client that offers bigger icons and graphics just for iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus users. That's ideal for those of you who are addicted to social networking but have long-desired a keyboard or direct message button, for instance, that's easy to tap and use and see.

It's also latest app to be updated with support for the 3D Touch feature.

It supports both Quick Actions on the Home screen and Peek and Pop gestures within the app itself. A hard press on the icon on the Home screen brings up options to create a new tweet and more. As for notifications, there's an option to reply to a tweet or a direct message from the Home screen Quick Action list.

Transmit iOS ($9.99)

Transmit iOS is file and server management app has not only been optimised for the iPhone 6S Plus so that stuff looks bigger, crisper, and just plain better, but it's also got support for 3D Touch. Your three most recently opened servers will now appear in the quick actions menu when using 3D Touch on Transmit’s home screen icon.

Instagram (Free)

Instagram pictures are now bigger than ever, thanks to the larger screen of the iPhone 6S Plus. Also, as demoed on the Apple event stage, posting an image to Instagram faster using Home screen Quick Actions. From within the app, peek at photos in your timeline using 3D Touch firm presses.

AG Drive ($2.99)

AG Drive is one of the first games to utilise 3D Touch: use firm presses to accelerate. On stage, Apple demoed 3D Touch as a breakthrough in mobile gaming. And, to be honest, gaming on that huge 6S Plus screen is just wow.

Pinterest (Free)

Pinterest pins have never looked so big and beautiful. Oh, and the app has added support for the iPhone 6S Plus' pressure-sensitive screen by letting users open [ins with a firm press.