Whenever a new iPhone is released there are obviously those who are upgrading on an annually or bi-annually basis, but there are also a flood of people jumping on board for the first time. And there will also be plenty of Apple phone owners for whom iOS 8 is a distant dream as the new operating system doesn't support their devices.

For those the Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus devices could be a massive lure, especially with the beefier processors, larger screens and contactless payment ability for the first time. In addition, iOS 8 brings many new things to the party, such as the ability to install third-party applications. And what's more, these features are also now available on existing devices like the iPhone 5S, iPad Air, and iPad mini with Retina display.

That's why we, along with a bit of help from Apple, have put together a list of the iOS 8-enhanced apps that are available for download right now. These, we feel are the first bunch you should check out, either if you've just got hold of a brand new iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus, or if you've just downloaded iOS 8 to your phone or tablet. Enjoy.

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SwiftKey Keyboard


It's not quite as good as the Android SwiftKey just yet buy the SwiftKey Keyboard for iOS is the first free alternative keyboard that you can install to use instead of Apple's own.

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Like Apple's new iOS 8 keyboard, it has intelligent learning capabilities and adapts to the way you type. Its autocorrect and next-word prediction abilities are designed to replace entire keystrokes so your text messages, emails and more are much speedier to write.

There are a few improvements we'd like to see, but a solid start for now.

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ProCam 2


ProCam 2 has pushed a stack of iOS 8-only features with its latest update, including manual camera controls, allowing you to manually focus, plus adjust exposure compensation, ISO, shutter speed and white balance controls.

The HDR features have been improved too, combining three different exposure brackets to one photo and saving the new version plus the original.

Video quality has also been improved in the third-party camera app, which is currently on special offer to herald the launch of iOS 8.



As one of the hottest photo-editing apps of the moment, VSCO now includes all the advanced camera controls available for iOS 8 such as: manual focus. shutter speed, white balance, and exposure compensation. It will also be implementing extensions soon.

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Halftone 2


Like several photo manipulation and post-processing applications, comic book creation tool Halftone 2 has taken advantage of the more open platform iOS 8 offers and you can now use its filters in the Apple Photos app too, as an extension.

It has also been optimised for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, including high-resolution 3x assets to fit.

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The Guardian

Free but requires subscription

The app version of UK newspaper The Guardian has been dramatically overhauled for iOS 8. Not only are there many design and aesthetic changes, but it uses Apple's Handoff tech that debuts with the operating system.

This allows the user to read any article on the app and complete it on another, including other devices with Handoff functionality and the paper's website. A dedicated widget is now available within the notifications centre too, which is unique to iOS 8.

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OmniFocus is a get-things-done app that lets you view and complete tasks. But it lets you do all that from a widget inside of Notification center. When you get a notification for a task, for instance, you can snooze, dismiss, or act on it using iOS 8’s interactive notifications.

Microsoft OneNote


Microsoft has embraced iOS 8 with the latest iPhone and iPad versions of its OneNote note-taking software.

Sharing is now easier using the versions for Apple devices as they embrace the new Share extension that is available to the developer for the first time. When you bring up Share on your iPad or iPhone now, you can also choose OneNote in the menu as an option to send content and therefore store a note.

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The Kindle eBook reading application has also added a widget called Kindle Today that sits in the notifications bar. It can store up to three titles so users can choose between multiple books (three most recently accessed) in order to continue without having to open the app's main menu first.

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In addition, Amazon has added copy and paste functionality in-app so readers can copy passages and store them on the iOS clipboard for subsequent use in emails or the like.

With iOS 8 it has also gained the ability to turn any picture stored in the existing Apple Photos app into a scan via an extension, plus it now has iCloud Drive support too. This means you can access your scans across devices, including Mac and PC.



1Password for iOS 8 lets you manage passwords and use an auto-fill password tool in Safari as well as a wide-range of popular apps. Now, with TouchID support, you can use your fingerprint as your one password. Plus, the app went free. But some features do cost extra.

Day One


Journal app Day One now offers TouchID support, so you can keep all your secrets under lock and...fingerprint? We had to go there. You can also use the app's new notification center widget and share text and photos to Day One without leaving whatever app you're using.



Evernote for iOS 8 lets you clip photos, text, and links from any app or even the "Quick Note" notification center widget that has five handy buttons.

Scanner Pro


Scanner Pro is a really handy tool by Readdle that turns your iPad or iPhone into an on-the-spot scanner for receipts or documents that you'd like to turn into PDF files and send on or read later.

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WeatherPro is a remarkably complex weather forecasting application that gives a huge amount of statistics and detail at your fingertips. There is also access to webcams across the globe, so you can have a look for yourself to see what the weather is like in different locations worldwide. It even has hourly forecasts for days two weeks away, unlike many rival apps.

Its iOS 8-enhanced features include a widget showing key data without you having to open the entire app.



It comes as no surprise that Apple's own word processing app for iPad and iPhone has been optimised for iOS 8. It also just so happens to be the best looking and simplest to use document editor for Apple devices we feel, even though Microsoft's Word is available too.

The main addition is iCloud Drive support, which will keep documents up to date across all devices.



CloudMagic is an email app that now includes interactive notifications, meaning you can mark emails as read when they arrive. You can also use a document picker to attach or save files with Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.

That's all for now, we'll be updating this feature with more apps optimised for iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and iOS 8 devices as we try them out.