It's Christmas Day - and you have a shiny new iPhone 5S or iPhone 5C. You must have been good this year. Awesome.

So, now what? You start buying hundreds of iPhone apps, naturally. But before you go hog wild and spend all of your hard-earned iTunes gift cards on frivolous games that were so 2012, check out Pocket-lint's list of 20 apps you need to download first. Like, now. It's essential. Didn't you read the headline?

Lucky for you, the best things in life are free. And that includes the crème de la crème of iPhone apps. We've compiled a nearly-perfect roundup of the best-rated, most popular, highly-praised apps, below. Most of which are available free of charge, and we think you'll love using them all for hours on Christmas Day and for many more days to come.

20. Shazam

You like music. We like music. Everyone likes music. But sometimes a song comes on and there's not one person around who can help you figure out its title or even the artist's name. That's where Shazam comes in. It's highly rated and found on the home screens of thousands of iPhones across the globe.

Shazam recognises music and media playing around you, and then it lets you explore and buy related music, if you so desire. It also serves up lyrics from LyricPlay, as well as YouTube videos, biographies, discographies, the list goes on. It's just an all around fun and useful app whether you're at a mall, bar, or just at home listening to a commercial jingle on TV.

Link: Shazam

19. Candy Crush Saga

You've probably seen a friend itching to play this game or a co-worker going on about it at lunch. It's an addictive app that stars an addictive food group, candy.

Candy Crush Saga features 400 levels of puzzles, challenges, unlocked achievements, boosters, charms, sync support for Facebook game of the same name, and in-game extras that sometimes cost additional money (though you can turn-off the payment feature by disabling in-app purchases in your device’s settings).

In a nutshell: If you like to spend hours grouping tasty candies and earning points, this game is ideal for you.

Link: Candy Crush Saga

18. Dropbox

Sure, there are plenty of cloud storage services available, but Dropbox definitely stands out among them all. It lets you save, view, access, and share all your photos, docs, files, and videos anywhere, including from your computers, iOS devices, and even the Dropbox website.

Best of all: You get 2GB of free space when you sign up, and there's opportunities to earn more free space like when you invite friends and they join.

Link: Dropbox

17. AirVideoHD

This video streaming app is a must-have for people who use their iPhone like a television. It'll download a movie for offline viewing, convert video formats, and even provide access to your history. It's mostly a great solution for watching AVI, DivX, MKV, and other videos, though.

Link: AirVideoHD

16. 1Password

It's a safe bet to say most people have a thousand passwords for a thousand different sites and services. With so many things to remember, it's easy to forget a password. Thankfully, password managers can help. 1Password is a password manager that'll remember all of your passwords and keep them safe by providing you with one master password.

Beyond passwords, 1Password will remember and protect information like credit cards, secure notes, passports, bank accounts, and much more.

Link: 1Password

15. Feedly

Feedly lets you read and share content across the web, such as news sites, RSS feeds, Tumblr blogs, and even YouTube channels. Feedly uses RSS to aggregate and deliver your content in an iPhone-optimised experience that kind of resembles pocket-sized cards. In addition, everything loads fast and is easy to use and browse.

Link: Feedly

14. Audible

The iPhone 5S may have a bigger screen than the iPhone 4S, but it's not quite an iPad. Thus - reading eBooks using just an iPhone will certainly strain the eyes. Why put yourself through that though, especially when you can just listen to an audiobook?

Amazon-owned Audible offers more than 150,000 audiobook titles, and you can access them from any iOS device or It's the perfect app for long trips on a plane or even a car ride. Just download a book, tap play, and listen away. No eye-strain necessary.

Link: Audible

13. Movies by Flixster

Do you just Google search for the nearest cinema when you want to see showtimes? Well, that process is simpler and more fun thanks to apps like Movies by Flixster. It offers showtimes, movie reviews, trailers, ratings, and the ability to buy tickets.

You can further use Flixster's app to watch movies at home. It'll view and manage your Netflix queue, and it has a catalogue of full-length movies available for streaming.

Link: Movies by Flixster

12. Tumblr

Tumblr - the popular site that lets you post and share photos, video, quotes, chats, links, text, etc - has an official app, and this is it. If you're a Tumblr addict or just want to spend hours getting lost in a world of memes and online jokes, this is the app for you.

Link: Tumblr

11. Minecraft - Pocket Edition

Minecraft is about "placing blocks to build things and going on adventures," according to the app's description. That might seem like a super simple concept, but the Pocked Edition version includes multiple modes, multiplayer action over local Wi-Fi, randomly generated worlds, and many other features.

This game is a popular favourite among mobile gamers, and it'll surely keep you busy while waiting at the doctor's office, in queue, etc.

Link: Minecraft - Pocket Edition

10. Angry Birds Star Wars

Take the Angry Birds gaming franchise, then sprinkle on some graphics, characters, and story lines from within the Star Wars Sci-Fi franchise, and you've got yourself an amazing mobile game. 'Nuff said.

Link: Angry Birds Star Wars

9. Pandora Radio

There are lots of ways to stream music these days, but Pandora Radio is one of the originals. It lets you discover and hear artists, songs, genres, and composers. You can create up to 100 personalised stations that'll play only music you love, and it's all completely free. Sure, there are some ads thrown into the free experience. That's no big deal though, especially when you consider the hundreds of listening hours you'll get in return.

Link: Pandora Radio

8.WhatsApp Messenger

If you want to stay in touch with friends, you might as well download the most popular instant messenger in the world. With 400 million active monthly users, WhatsApp Messenger is the only app you should use to send and receive text messages.

WhatsApp relies on your 3G service or Wi-Fi connection to handle messages. You can therefore use it to switch from SMS. Beyond text messages, WhatsApp will send and receive pictures, audio notes, and video messages.

The first year of use is completely free, too. Every year after costs just 99 cents.

Link: WhatsApp Messenger

7. Tweetbot

Like Facebook, we know you have a Twitter problem as well. Unfortunately, Twitter's mobile website and app aren't exactly awesome. That's why we've recommended Tweetbot, an alternative, feature-rich client for Twitter. It's fast, well-designed, and iOS 7-optimised. Awesome.

Link: Tweetbot

6. Facebook

Don't deny your Facebook problem. We all have one. Bust resist the social networks' website on the iPhone - because the app is so much better. Less lag, less hiccups...and better optimised for the iPhone. What else is there to say?

Link: Facebook

5. Google Search

Google Search is for those people who are just as much lazy as they are geeks. Geeks for voice functionality, that is. You can use this app to say “Ok Google” and find things like nearby restaurants or the calories in cheesecake. It'll even serve up information like sports cards and traffic alerts. Google called Google Search "the best of Google in one app."

Link: Google Search

4. YouTube

Continuing with this online video trend, YouTube is the undisputed King of Internet videos. You could watch YouTube videos through your iPhone's browser, or you could watch them through Google's official YouTube app. It's optimised for the iPhone and works beautifully. It's definitely one of our most-used iPhone apps. In fact, our YouTube usage is almost verging on an addiction. And this app definitely isn't helping us break the habit.

Link: YouTube

3. Vine

Although Instagram offers 15-second-video-clip functionality, Twitter's Vine spearheaded the ability to create and share short videos. It also boasts a huge community of Viners who dedicate their daily lives to posting Vines. And they're hilarious. If you like to laugh and watch online videos, download Vine today.

Link: Vine

2. Instagram

Just like smartphones have replaced GPS units, they've also replaced point-and-shoot cameras. That's because they are powerful cameras that can fit into your pocket.

With the your new iPhone, you now have the ability to snap pics while on the go. You also have the ability to share photos, thanks to photo-sharing apps like Facebook's Instagram.

Beyond sharing, you can add filters, film 15-second-long videos, tag friends, and direct message others. It's a wildly entertaining app that deserved to be downloaded, ASAP.

Link: Instagram

1. Google Maps

Smartphones have basically replaced GPS units. We use them to look up directions, find places nearby, get traffic reports, and so much more. That's why it's important to download an app with a great maps experience.

Be warned: Apple Maps are meh; Google Maps are awesome.

With Google Maps, you get accurate maps in 200 countries, voice-guided GPS navigation for driving, biking, and walking, transit directions, live traffic and incident reports, Street View and indoor imagery for restaurants, museums, etc, and many other nifty features. Download it now and you won't be sorry (or lost).

Link: Google Maps

There are obviously many apps to consider downloading when you get a brand new iPhone, but these 20 should at least cover your bases, as well as keep you entertained, connected and informed. Have fun!