Apps are big business nowadays. If you need evidence, you only have to look at the fact that Apple recently reached the staggering ten billion app download milestone. We've already taken you through the most downloaded iPhone apps ever, so we figured it was about time we gave the mighty iPad the same treatment.

As you'll see, there are two lists - the first is the top 10 paid apps while the second list covers the most downloaded free apps. The paid apps range in price from just 59p up to a more substantial £5.99, suggesting that the punters are prepared to pay if the content is right. Although it does seem that 59p is still the most popular price. Read on to find out which apps made the list

Pretty much the best radio app out there, Tunein Radio allows you to access to all local AM and FM stations and with a seriously good interface as well. You can pause and rewind live transmissions up to 30 minutes back and use it to play MP3 and AAC files in the background while using other apps like Safari. It uses the RadioTime directory which offers around 40,000 shows and stations to choose from. 59p

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Redesigned for the bigger iPad screen, Labyrinth is a game based on the Victorian marble in a maze past time. The idea is you've got to get your steel ball down the hole across the wooden course. Using the accelerometer in the iPad you tilt or shake the board to control your marble to victory. The second version is also well worth a look for its 4-player fun, canon and other obstacles and the ability to make your own levels  £1.79

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Like the next evolution of those online flash games, Flick Kick Football gives you a series of free kicks to take from all sorts of different angles and numbers of the opposition getting in your way. What makes it so good is that the big iPad screen means you can drag your finger to precisely control the trajectory of the ball and bend it just into the part of the net where the keeper can't reach. Thanks to the Game Center, you can also play this with people online. 59p

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Not entirely dissimilar to Tunein Radio, Internet Radio Box supplies the same kind of access, this time to Radio Deck, RadioDeck, SHOUTcast Radio and Icecast Director versions of those 40,000 commercial, free and independent radio stations. You can use the iPad to kick them over your network via AirPlay to your stereo system and also enjoy time shifting up to half an hour's worth of music. 59p

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The big screen iPad experience has turned Backbreaker Football from a casual game into near enough a full blown sports title. One from the NaturalMotion stables, the football in question is of the American variety and its your task to tilt the pad left and right in order to run your man from one end of the pitch to the other spinning and rolling to avoid the crunching tackles from the defence players. The graphics are great and the game rather addictive as it quickly goes from simple to taxing. 59p

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Stick Wars is a lovely tower, or castle in this case, defence game where it's your job to halt the invading hordes of stick men with wizards, archers and even other captured stick men. It's all about fast thinking, quick fingers and a solid strategy in order to progress through the levels. Doesn't sound amazing on paper but make sure to give it a shot. 59p

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One for all the stargazers out there, this clever little app will help you to learn the names of all the constellations. You simply hold the iPad up in the air and the built-in compass will enable the device to display the same view of the sky that you can see, but will all of the names of the stars and constellations. No doubt the larger screens makes this a popular choice on the iPad, but if you use the app on your iPhone, you can also use the camera to overlay the details over an actual image of the sky. £1.79

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It might be one of the pricier apps around, but IM+ Pro is a superb instant messaging client that lets you chat for free, simply by entering the details of your chosen chat service. You can choose from a surprisingly substantial number of options including Skype, MSN Live Messenger, Twitter, Facebook and Jabber. There's also the option for an in-app purchase of a speech recognition function so that you can dictate messages to save you from typing them. £5.99

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Got a song in your head that you can't place? Then SoundHound is the app for you as it can recognize songs in as little as four seconds. Just sing or hum the tune into the built-in microphone and the app will tell you what it is, who it's by and even display the lyrics. As well as humming songs, you can also simply say the name of a song title or band and the app will come up with the relevant info. There are also plenty of other handy features including Facebook and Twitter sharing, YouTube videos and biopgraphies. £2.99

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The idea for this puzzle game is simple - a shape is drawn on squared paper and you have to cut it into equal parts. The app tells you how many cuts to make and how pieces you should end up with. Each level ramps up the difficulty, introducing multiple shapes, and areas that you can't cut through. There are plenty of hints available if you get stuck, and if you're totally stumped, the app even lets you skip levels (something that we'd like to see on a few more gaming apps). 59p

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The most straightforward ideas are often the best, as the Google Mobile App proves. This lets you search the web just by touching the icon, rather than firing up Safari and calling up the google home page. As well as simple, word-based googling, you can also use Google Goggles to search using pictures or you can search using your voice or location. You can use the usual sub-sections that you can on the web, such as Images, News and Shopping and you can even search through your iPad's contacts. Free

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The search engine giant has come up with another hugely popular app in the form of Google Earth. This lets you explore the globe without even having to move from your seat. The satellite imagery means that you can scan the Earth's surface and zoom in wherever you like for a closer look (although let's face it - the first place that any of us look for is our own house). You can also browse millions of geo-located photos from around the world and peruse the related Wikipedia articles to swot up on your chosen location. Free

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This US-centric app will keep you updated on all the latest movie and DVD releases and you can also watch trailers for over 10,000 films and search for films by title, director or actor. You'll also get access to reviews from Rotten Tomatoes and you can look up showtimes and cinema locations near you and also buy tickets online in some cases. Along with all that, you can also use the app to buy or rent films from iTunes, straight to your iPad. Free

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For London dwellers, this app is an essential tool for using the Underground. As well as a tube map that you can move around on, you also get live updates on the status of all the lines, so if the Jubliee line is closed for engineering or the there's a signal failure on the district line, then you'll know about it before you travel and can change your route accordingly. There's also a handy journey planner that will let you plan your route and tell you where you need to change lines. The only pity is that is that your iDevice won't work for the majority of the time that you're on the tube as you'll be underground. Free

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A classic card game that has soared in popularity, largely thanks to its inclusion on Windows, Solitaire (or Patience, as it's sometimes known) is a good fit for the iPad. The gameplay is as you would expect - you can drag and drop cards (in both landscape and portrait) and also customise the background and the card backs and in the unlikely event that you get bored, you can simply hit the autocomplete feature to finish the game for you. There's no need to worry if you get interrupted - your game will be saved and then restored when you next visit the app. Free

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This is the app that turns your iPad into an e-book reader, enabling you to download and read books. The splendid visual interface lets you browse your books on a virtual bookcase, tap a book to open it and flip though the pages by swiping the screen. You can read free samples of books from the iBookstore before buying and once purchased, you can alter the typeface and font size to make reading more comfortable. The handy bookmarking feature will save your place and also sync between your iDevices so that you're always on the right page. The app comes with a complimentary illustrated copy of Winnie-the-Pooh by A. A. Milne. Free

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This useful app turns your iPad (or iPod touch or iPhone) into a remote for controlling iTunes and Apple TV. Working over Wi-Fi, the Remote app gives full control such as choosing playlists, songs and albums, skipping tracks, and changing the volume. This means that you can control iTunes or Apple TV from anywhere in the home, as long as you've got your iDevice handy. You can also use the app to send music to any Apple AirPlay-enabled devices around the house. Free

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If you like to keep abreast of current affairs with minimal effort that you can't go wrong with the indispensable BBC News app. You'll be able to read breaking news along with in-depth stories organised into categories including UK news, world new, politics, technology and sport. You'll also be able to to access the Live BBC News Channel. You can share interesting news stories with your friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter and you even edit the menu so that it just displays the subject areas that interest you. You'll also find video news clips embedded in stories, along with features and analysis. Free

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If you don't know what this app is for then you must have been living in a cave. This is the official Twitter app and lets you do all the usual stuff like tweeting, sending DMs and sharing photos, videos and links to your loyal followers. As well as your timeline of tweets, the app also offers trending topics, Top Tweets, and maps that show what's happening now, everywhere and nearby. What's more, it's a lot easier to use and much more reliable than many paid-for Twitter apps. Free

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This musical app is not only popular with budding pianists but also with those that simply like to make a racket. This is the lite version of Virtuoso Piano and lets you bang out tunes on a virtual piano keyboard. There are six octaves of sampled grand piano keys which can be scrolled across by swiping the screen. You can play along with your music library or simply just play whatever comes to mind (chopsticks it is, then). You can even choose to label the keys if you're not too confident about which note is which. Free

How many of these apps have you got? Will you be trying any new apps from the list? Let us know in the comments box below.