Can you remember your first camera phone? If you can, you'll probably also remember it was pretty rubbish. Luckily technology has moved on significantly since the first camera phones appeared and smartphones these days are actually, well, pretty good at snapping shots.

The images they produce aren't DSLR standard but they do a good enough job for most, offering useable snaps that are easily uploaded to social networking sites including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Taking pictures on a smartphone is nowhere near early adopter stuff, it's now decidedly old news in fact.

There is plenty more you can do than just point and shoot though. If you want to make your snaps look a little bit different without having to spend hours on Photoshop, or you want to get rid of the off pimple - there's an app for that. We have rounded up the best iPhone photography and editing apps we have come across but if you have any that you use and think are great, let us know in the comments.


ProCamera is a photo, video and editing app in one. It offers all kinds of features from manual focus to live editing using one of the 78 filters and effects.

You can set values for exposure time, ISO sensitivity and white balance like you can on a DSLR, and the ProCamera app will also allow you to set your preferred shutter speed. Double tapping on your shot will pull up the image in Full HD and there is also an mode for crisp selfies at night.

Download ProCamera from iTunes for £3.99


Camera+ is all about still images and great ones at that. It allows you to set exposure and focus separately, while offering various shooting models including Stabilizer, Timer and Burst.

There is a front flash so those without an iPhone 6S or iPhone 6S Plus can enjoy night-time selfies too and there are several scene modes and effects available too. Camera+ also has a feature called Clarity that analyses your images and makes the relevant adjustments to make them better.

Download Camera+ from iTunes for £2.29


Snapseed's main aim is to help make your photos perfect. It is an editing app that enables you to retouch, adjust perspective and re-edit your images, as well as add numerous filters for a different style.

From cropping and rotating to tuning and adding details or healing, Snapseed provides you with the tools to help you make your photos the best they can be. There are a variety of filters from lens blur and grunge to a grainy film and retrolux too so you can have some fun at the same time.

Download Snapseed from iTunes for free


Enlight is also an editing app like Snapseed and it comes with a huge amount of features from control over tone, colour and details to transforming images into realistic-looking sketches or paintings.

Enlight allows you to personalise your images with doodles or writing, as well as borders and frames but it also has intelligent photo correction options. Cropping, straightening, flipping and rotating images is nice and easy, while power tools let you shift focus and bloat, shrink or reshape specific objects in the image.

Download Enlight from iTunes for £2.99

YouCam Perfect

YouCam Perfect is the app for those that want the perfect selfie without having to take 20 to get one that might work. Multi-face detection means you can touch up more than one face in a group shot or selfie and various filters and scenes mean you can make your photos more fun.

The editing features allow you to brighten eyes, adjust skin tone, remove blemishes, smooth wrinkles and slim down your face with just a couple of touches. You can also give yourself a slimmer waist and longer legs. Be careful not to do too much - you still want it to look like you afterall.

Download YouCam Perfect from iTunes for free

Faded - Photo Editor

The Faded - Photo Editor app is an all-in-one photo editor that allows you to make various adjustments to your images, as well as add one of the 66 free filters or pay extra for one of the 36 premium filters.

You can group your own edits and adjustments and save them as filters, as well as customise images with adjustments including fade, highlights, sharpen, exposure and shadows. Faded - Photo Editor also offers tools including manual exposure, focus points and split exposure.

Download Faded - Photo Editor from iTunes for £0.79

Manual - Custom Exposure Camera

The Manual app is all about giving you more control over your camera settings. It lets you independently control shutter speed, ISO, white balance, focus and exposure compensation.

With this app, you'll also be able to focus zoom, live monitor automatic exposure values and save photos directly to your camera roll. There are grid overlays available to help you frame your shots and there is also a fill flash mode available on this app too.

Download Manual - Custom Exposure Camera from iTunes for £2.29

Adobe Photoshop Express

Photoshop is a well-known programme for offering the tools to make images better. This Express app doesn't offer the full desktop programme of course, but it does offer plenty of features to help you improve your photos.

The basics are on board, including cropping, straightening, rotating and removing red-eye, but it also offers blemish removal, auto-fixing and raw photo support. You'll be able to correct various things too, such as contrast, exposure and highlights and there is also room for customisation too.

Download Adobe Photoshop Express from iTunes for free (in-app purchases)


Afterlight is an image editing app that offers quick and easy editing. There are 15 adjustment tools, as well as 74 filters that you can use to make your images look their best or more exciting.

There are also plenty of textures to use from instant film to scratchy film textures, with a total of 78 available. Of course, you'll also be able to crop and transform your images or add one of the 128 adjustable frames.

Download Afterlight from iTunes for £0.79