Tesco Hudl review

4 out of 5


Price point and Clubcard Boost scheme really sells it, microSD card slot for storage expansion, more than capable for majority of tasks, Wi-Fi connectivity, full Android tablet (not just Tesco), Tesco service tie-ins of use


Nexus 7 is an all-round better device, poor sound quality, fingerprints prominent on screen, touch-screen typing had one or two sluggish glitches, Wi-Fi only, chunkier than the competition, do you want Tesco integrated into life?

Tesco is already a part of the fabric of life in the UK. We'd wager that everyone reading this has been to a Tesco store in the last couple of weeks, even if "just by accident". And now it's set to be even more part of life with the introduction of Hudl,... read the full review.