Sonos has sent out invites to an event it will be hosting in San Francisco on 6 June. However, it hasn't said what it plans to unveil.

Instead, the invite received by Pocket-lint shows several remote controls and a man's hand with the tagline, "You're better than this."

It's vague, but it could be confirmation that Sonos is about to launch a smart version of its home cinema soundbar, as recently rumoured. Possibly one with at least one HDMI input that can be controlled by voice to switch sources and change the volume - hence no need for a remote.

The current Sonos PlayBar is a relatively dumb speaker. Its audio performance is excellent, but input is purely via a digital optical connection.

Yes, it can be used for Sonos wireless internet music playback and is compatible with Alexa if you have an Echo device somewhere in the home. It can also be wirelessly paired with a Sonos Sub and other Sonos speakers for 5.1 audio. However, it is just a speaker in itself and long overdue a refresh.

We guess we'll find out come early June.

Apple's WWDC is soon beforehand, so it'll be an interesting week, that's for sure.