Archos has updated its Personal Music Player (PMP) with Wi-Fi, a touch screen and lots more, but is this the ultimate PMP application? Pocket-lint managed to get a brief play with the new device ahead of its launch in the UK later in the year.

The Archos 605 media player is apart of the company's 5th generation PMPs and its main focus seems to be its touch screen display and the inclusion of wireless b/g connectivity allowing you to connect to the Internet whenever you find a Wi-Fi hotspot out and about or in your living room.

The wireless connection is used in two major ways, firstly allowing you to access information like downloadable content via a new content portal and streaming content from your PC to your television.

Sporting a large 4.3-inch 800 x 600 pixel resolution touchscreen display, the device is capable of playing back photos, video, music, and television programs that you've recorded direct from your TV via the included phono cables in the box.

In use and the screen in incredibly clear, crisp and easy to use in our play as well as being very responsive. Although you can use your fingers directly on the screen to control the menus and options, Archos has also included a series of hard buttons down the side of the screen for controlling things like volume. Those with fat fingers can chose to use one of the two styluses in the box, although they don't fit on or in the 605 itself, but rather the included leather case.

YouTube fans will love the fact that the model, which will be available in 4GB, 30GB, 160GB versions, gets one-up Apple's iPhone by supporting flash playback.

Why is this interesting? Because it means you can tune into YouTube videos or WebTV channels like and via the wireless connection watch content on the go.

The unit comes with a docking station for your television making it easy to record programmes from your PVR or Sky box via phono connections. The docking station also comes with a QWERTY keyboard remote that allows you to utilise the personal media player's features as well as surf the web, all via your television.

According to the company's European MD, users will be able to download a 30 minute TV show in around 20 minutes without the need for a computer. Users will be able to view the programs before they have finished downloading, however a lot of questions still remain unanswered including what happens if the download is interrupted, how much the content will cost, how long will a movie take to download and most importantly what quality will be downloaded movie be.


Attempting to be the ultimate PVR that you can take with you on the go, first impressions suggest that the Archos 605 will be the ultimate personal media player for those looking to not only watch content on the go, but also easily record content from their Sky+ box or other Freeview device.

There are still plenty of questions left unanswered, but from what we've seen so far, it all looks very promising.