Voco Clock review

2.5 out of 5


Plenty of phrases, Stephen Fry's doclet tones, wake up and to go sleep modes


Not very loud, cheap and tacky

If the buzz buzz buzz of your alarm clock is slightly grating in the morning, then one alarm clock is hoping to a new solution for waking you from your slumber. But should you just sleep through? We go to bed to find out.

The Voco clock takes tp waking you up in a rather untraditional way with the dolcet tones of Stephen Fry rather than an anxious beep.

Phrases like "Good morning, Sir. The prime minister phoned again. I told him you were not available. We shan't be treated like THAT again!" and "A gentleman from Berkeley Hathaway is waiting to see you, Sir. He is offering a job in the Bahamas with a salary of seventy-two million dollars a year". Are designed to bring you around as if you were a Lord or Prince with a butler.

There are plenty of phrases and there is even a relaxation mode, which promises to drop you off to sleep (which it didn't with us).

In practice and the concept is a greater than the reality and this is 5-minute wonder stuff that will have you chortling away by day, but not when you get up of a morning. What doesn't help either is that the clock is cheaply made and rather plasticky.


Will this have the power to wake you from your slumber? Not unless you are a light sleeper. That bleet might be annoying at 6 in the morning but that's the point.

It will provide 5 minutes of fun at the start, but little after that.