Alien vs Predator 2 - PC

Alien vs Predator 2(AVP2) is the long awaited sequel to the intense and thrilling spectacle that was Alien vs Predator. If the first game didn't have you jumping with fear, the second is sure to give you that fright. You've just got be strong enough to venture into depths space once more.

Like the first version, AVP2 plays on the relationships between Alien, Predator and Marine and their very different goals, but unlike the original, it appears there will be an additional three as yet to be disclosed characters to turn your hand to.

The single-player game still looks as fast, scary and merciless as the first. The formula of having three sets of missions from the different species' point of view is still present. Whilst battling through 21 new single player levels are still as tough and gruelling as before.

The original was sometimes criticised for its approach to multiplayer gaming. This was only really addressed when the publishers released a gold edition. Here however, there is an abundance of levels - 12 to be exact - and they include the usual array of Deathmatch, Species Team Maps and Capture the Flag as well as, the choice of 10 different characters. In the intervening year since its release, the add-on pack Primal Hunt has been added to the original to make a box set.


With improved weaponry and fighting style - the Alien still hasn't got any weapons - the gameplay looks set to be as good as if not better than the original. Couple this with what appears to be impressive graphics and sound - the motion detector bleeps still get you - and you could be in for the biggest game this Christmas on the PC.