TP Vision recently unveiled its second Philips-branded OLED TV, the 9002, and from our experience with it so far, it's every bit the rival to sets with similar technology from Sony, Panasonic and, of course, LG.

It even adds its own unique feature in three-sided Ambilight, which definitely offers something different.

The 55POS9002 is not an exact replacement to last year's 901F OLED set from Philips. It doesn't have the front-firing "invisible soundbar" found along the bottom of the older TV. But it has all-new picture processing in the form of the P5 engine and, in a side-by-side comparison, looks better - with more vibrant colours.

Pocket-lintphilips 55pos9002 oled preview image 7

The engine is the contributory factor for the improvements as the OLED panel used is identical to last year's - LG's 2016 panel. As we've found with other manufacturer's 2017 models though, processing can make all the difference. Even though all of the OLED TVs coming onto the market use that panel, save for LG's own new variants, which use 2017 displays, they have their own characteristics. And enhancements in the way an image is processed can make a distinct difference to picture quality.

Philips new P5 processing engine, for example, has a 25 per cent increase in processing power over the Perfect Pixel Ultra HD engine used in the 901F. It also has 25 per cent more processing features, that handle additional tasks and improvements, such as a new advanced digital noise reduction system, plus a detail meter and detail enhancer that improve sharpness without causing unwanted artefacts.

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The upshot of this, as far as we could tell from limited time with the latest TV, is that it had better colour representation side-by-side with the 901F. Considering that TV is also excellent, and still on sale, you can imagine that the new one impressed us greatly.

It too has three-sided Ambilight and, in a darkened room, it does make a difference to the overall experience. Even if you don't get the immersion it purportedly brings, it is calming and pretty when in full flow.

First Impressions

We didn't really spend enough time with the Philips 55POS9002 to see all its bells and whistles. And we'd like to calibrate one ourselves when we test it later in the year, but it seems as if TP Vision is on the right path with its new flagship.

We'd also like to see the Android M smart TV functionality at work, with Netflix in 4K HDR before casting real judgement.

The Ambilight system does add extra depth to the set, both figuratively and literally as it sticks out further from the wall than some rival OLEDs if you mount it, but many will have it on a desk stand anyway.

We don't have the final release date, but we do understand that it'll be available around summer time - only held up by a wait for Freeview Play certification. The Philips 901F was around £2,800 at launch for the same screen size, albeit with the soundbar running along the bottom, so we expect the 9002 to be in a similar ball park.