When it comes to flexible, adaptable laptops Lenovo has really got its act together in its Yoga series. We thought the 11-inch Yoga 710 was a great little portable; the newer Yoga 720 ups the scale to a 13-inch sweetspot, while boosting power too. Is it the perfect sub-£1,000 laptop?

  • Flexible hinge for laptop, tablet, tent and stand positions
  • Platinum Silver, Iron Grey and Copper colour options
  • Built-in fingerprint scanner

As with all Yoga products, the 720 is all about its flexibility: that hinge means the 13-inch screen can be positioned through 360-degrees as desired, to sit in laptop, tablet, tent and stand positions.

Pocket-lintlenovo yoga 720 13 inch preview image 12

It does so without the more jewellery-like watchstrap-like hinge found on some other Lenovo products, going simple instead. So if bling isn't your thing then this Yoga ought to appeal for its no-nonsense yet quality design.

The 720 is a solid slab of laptop; well constructed it's the small details that help to sell it: the subtle chamfered edges, the embellished Yoga logo on the front, the light-up power button and soft colour finish (Platinum Silver, Iron Grey and Copper are available, so nothing garish like the old orange shells of Yogas past). Yum.

We think that a 13-inch device is spot on for work and portability too. As much as we loved the 11-inch Yoga, the extra real-estate of this 13-inch model makes it altogether more practical - plus it's more powerful, with full fan vent to the rear to enable effective use of its 7th Gen Intel Kaby Lake processors (up to i7).

Pocket-lintlenovo yoga 720 13 inch preview image 11

Notably, there's also a built-in fingerprint sensor for secure login. Looks rather nifty.

  • 14.3mm thin; 1.3kgs
  • 1x USB; 1x USB-C; 1x Thunderbolt 3

We've seen some slightly thinner and lighter laptops in our time, but the Yoga 720 is approaching as slender as things can get when there's a full-size USB 3.0 port on the side.

Pocket-lintlenovo yoga 720 13 inch preview image 8

Not that the Yoga 720 is ignoring the future: on the opposite side it features a USB-C port (also used for charging; shame there's not two of them to avoid this issue), next to a Thunderbolt 3 port.

  • 13-inch and 15-inch panel options
  • Up to 4K resolution IPS display
  • Touchscreen control
  • Stylus compatible

We're focusing on the 13-inch Yoga 720 model here, as we think it's the more attractive of the two models (the 15-inch is a lot larger, as its thicker build is designed to cater for Nvidia GTX graphics cards, not so with the 13-inch).

Pocket-lintlenovo yoga 720 13 inch preview image 5

As this is a flexible design, the 720's screen is obviously touch-sensitive to make the most of its variable positions. What's new this time around, however, is compatibility with an optional stylus, should you want to input direct to the device (using Windows Ink if you want).

Images look great too: there's real depth of colour from the panel used here, while resolution will be offered up to 4K (3840 x 2160). At 13-inches in scale, however, we'd suggest opting for the Full HD panel to help benefit battery life. 

The side bezel is nice and trim, too, although we've seen narrower from the likes of Dell. What we're less keen on is the giant lower bezel which sort-of pushes the screen further up within the design. It's the same on all the Yoga models.

Pocket-lintlenovo yoga 720 13 inch preview image 6

We didn't get to listen to the 720 pump out the audio, but the JBL signal on its front makes clear that it's got said company's speakers built in.

  • 13-inch from €999 (£850)
  • April launch

Go to the Lenovo website right now and, at the time of writing, the Yoga 720 isn't yet available. That's because you'll have to wait until April for this mid-size laptop. And part with €999 for the base model - which calculates as approximately £850, but we wouldn't be surprised if it's priced at £999 in the UK too.