This hulk of a watch is the Casio WSD-F20: a rugged, outdoor smarwatch with heaps of fitness features. Compared to its F10 predecessor it adds GPS tracking with mapping, so it might be seen as a small-time upgrade but a great first purchase (if you can get over its hulking size).

The new WSD-F20 makes a few cosmetic changes compared to the original version, but still sticks to the big brash styling, leaving you in no doubt just how much abuse this watch can take. The strap is rubbery in feel and can't be removed - but then we can't imagine this watch with a leather strap either, it just wouldn't look right.

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What's really interesting about the WSD-F20 is its use of Android Wear 2.0. We're typically not big fans of the operating system, but Casio has actually enhanced it with its own additions that ensure the fitness features are quick and easy to access, while the benefit of Google Assistant, Music and third-party apps is also available.

Of those dedicated Casio features, you can access dedicated screens displaying tides, sunrise/set, barometer data, altitude and compass. They're well arranged, easy to see on that large screen - which has a 320 x 300 pixel resolution.

In addition to GPS tracking with maps you can add specific points of interest for future reference. And it's not just limited to serious hikers, there's also a fishing mode that offers information based on GPS and air pressure to suggest where the best catch is likely to come from.

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Plus if you go overboard it won't be a problem: the WSD-F20 is waterproof to 50-metres. And there's no faff when recharging, as the exposed magnetic port is also water-resistant and easy to use.

To avoid the weight of Android Wear's battery draining potential, the F20 also offers a low-power LCD screen behind its higher resolution one. This can be activated by covering the watch entirely with the palm of a hand - the dual layer technology reveals the second, simplified screen as a result. Great for prolonging battery life, especially if you're lost in the forest.

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Various digital watch faces are available, as is the case with any Android Wear watch, but Casio has implemented a press-and-hold sub-menu on the front to quickly toggle between its various measuring devices - including altimeter, barometer, but also including calendar/planner - for a second display of dials. A great idea, but the length of the press-and-hold is a bit fiddly to get right - press for too long and it'll kick-in a different function.

If you're looking for a hulking outdoors smartwatch then Casio has got a lot right here. It poses a lot of questions for the likes of the Garmin Fenix 5X, a watch announced on the same day at CES and of roughly the same scale as the Casio. Looks like both companies have a fight on their hands.

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The exact price is still to come from Casio, but we're expecting the WSD-F20 to be available from 21 April 2017. No word on whether it will be available in the UK just yet. Fingers crossed it will be!

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