Samsung announced its new, top-of-the-line Ultra HD Blu-ray player a week or so before the CES 2017 consumer electronics trade show in Las Vegas but we have now seen the M9500 in the flesh.

The Korean company calls its new deck the ultimate content player because it doesn't just spin 4K Blu-rays, it is also capable of Bluetooth wireless streaming, and has Samsung Smart Remote integration, so you can use just the one controller across all the latest Samsung UHD devices.

The player can even stream your Blu-rays to a mobile device to enjoy elsewhere in the house. And the player automatically sets disc content for optimal playback, no matter whether they feature HDR, Dolby Atmos or DTS-X picture or sound technologies.

You won't have to change the settings on your TV.

Pocket-lintsamsung m9500 ultra hd blu ray player preview image 2

Another neat new audio trick is you can pair Bluetooth headphones to the player and enjoy the audio privately. And the player can play back 360-degree videos and photos stored on a mobile device to your TV.

Of course, Blu-ray players aren't the snazziest in looks - they do invariably sit under a TV or in a cabinet after all - and the M9500 is no exception. But it is curved a little to match some of Samsung's TVs and very capable.

We can't wait to test it properly when we get a review sample.

Price and release date are yet to be revealed.