Philips wowed us all with the unveiling of its latest 55-inch 4K OLED TV set at its IFA 2016 press conference, and wowed us for good reason. On first impressions the brand new 901F telly, which features Ambilight edge illumination to spill the image onto the surrounding walls, is the perfect balance of subtle design and all the tech you could possibly need.

There's a growing list of great OLED TVs launching in 2016, but the Philips 901F has a couple of neat tricks. For starters the 55-inch 4K set is the company's first OLED-based television; and no other maker offers the eye-catching Ambilight technology, which has us hooked.


Being OLED means the 901F exudes bright, vibrant and saturated colours as well as really inky blacks. That's down to OLED's ability to switch off individual pixels, avoiding halos that you might get from backlit LCD tellies.

The 901F also has a very wide colour gamut, to ensure that every shade of each colour is covered, and subtle shades are easy to see - a must-have for the highest-end 4K content. And when we say "very wide" we mean it - Philips says it has a 17-bit colour system capable of reproducing 2,250 trillion colours. Now that's some top tech jiggery-pokery.

The 4K sets we saw here at IFA certainly convinced us of the company's claims that the 901F is among the best panels out there. Pictures weren't just colourful and super sharp, you could see them from virtually any angle and movement on screen was stunningly smooth. So it won't matter how fast the on-screen motion is, or what you're watching, the picture should remain very sharp at all times.


To add to the experience of watching movies and TV shows on the gorgeous display, Philips has equipped the 901F with its Ambilight technology. The lights around the back of the set create an ambient lighting effect to mimic the colours on the screen, and react in real time to any changes. However, it's opted for three-side illumination here, not the full-on four-sides that we've seen before now.

Design is what Philips would call "European", which means it's pretty understated - but with a number of elements that give you confidence that the company cares about how its product looks.

The frame around the edges is a simple, dark affair that's not too thin and not too thick, with a subtle chrome trim. The feet are extend out from the bottom of the set in a traditionally modern triangular shape, almost leaving the illusion that the TV is levitating.

Even the sound-bar running along the bottom edge, with its deliberately visible drivers and micro-machined holes all across the front, have a purposefulness and aesthetic charm.


We didn't get to sample the sound quality properly in the context of the IFA stand, but the Dolby-powered 6.1 surround spec suggests the 901F should be as good (if not better) than a separate sound bar. With 30W of power, an integrated bass port and six front-firing speakers, it promises to be very, um, sound.

On the whole, the Philips 901F is a TV that seems to offer everything. It also runs Android TV, so you'll have access to all the games, apps and streaming services that your heart desires.

The new Philips OLED TV will be available to buy towards the end of October, and is set to cost around £3,000.