We've been avidly following the Lenovo Yoga evolution over the years, as the convertible laptop range has continued to refine its 360-degree screen offering. In the top-spec Yoga 910 it's even stronger than ever before, with an edge-to-edge display joining the fold.

Well, sort of edge-to-edge. Like any screen there has to be some bezel, but to the top and sides it's only a number of millimetres separating the actual screen from the product edge.

Like the previous Yoga 900, however, there's a massive bezel to the Yoga 910's bottom edge - as part and parcel of the device's hinge mechanism, to position the screen best when in its various positions; plus the camera and antennas live here - but we couldn't fail but spot it when the device was shown off at Lenovo's pre-IFA conference in Berlin.

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Still, there's plenty to like about this refreshed Yoga. Its "watchband hinge" - that's what Lenovo likes to call it, but it does look like a piece of jewellery, so we can see why - operates seamlessly between forms, which is what really makes this product stand apart from the rest. Position it like a laptop, a tablet, in a stand or tent position for multiple usage propositions.

The latest Yoga 910 isn't exactly the same as its 900 predecessor, though, it's actually a touch thinner (14.3mm rather than 14.9mm) and features the latest Intel Core i 7th Gen processors. There's also a 4K resolution panel option, as shown in our pictures, which at its 13.3-inch scale would certainly make for ultra-crisp viewing.

Furthermore there's a brand new fingerprint scanner built into the device for quick and secure access - no passwords required. That's a rare feature, with even the Microsoft Surface Book ditching the design for UK shores. We've been assured that this Yoga will support the feature for all shipments.

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That thinner size doesn't affect the device's connectivity: there's a full-size USB 3.0 slot which just about fits into the body, while two USB Type-C ports sit on the opposite side to ensure future proofing.

The Lenovo Yoga 910 is definitely a looker, then, but it's definitely pricey too: starting at £1,099, this is an investment laptop with enough standout features to warrant its price point. Push up to the 4K display and expect to pay a chunk of extra cash, although exactly how much hasn't been confirmed for the UK.