Welcome to the big battery club. This is the Lenovo P2, which boasts a 5,100mAh battery in a 5.5-inch screen device. And it's really not as chunky a phone as you might expect, which goes to show just how advanced battery tech has become.

Squeezing a battery into that body of this size is aided by a number of other factors. The screen is an OLED panel, for example, which means it's slightly thinner than LCD technology. But every millimetre counts here. Additionally it'll be preferable to power consumption, while delivering an ultra-punchy colour palette, as you can see in our gallery of pictures.

The "Vibe P2" has been the discussion of rumour and speculation for some months. But the P2 ditches the Vibe brand and goes simple: Lenovo P2 it is, keeping the name nice and clean.

Other features in this big battery phone include a front-facing fingerprint scanner, rear camera which sits flush with the slightly curved body, and an octa-core 2GHz chipset to keep everything ticking along.

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At this early stage the phone was saw was a Chinese-sourced engineering sample. And without the full ins and outs of an official specification, we don't know everything about the phone just yet. But we did reconfirm with a Lenovo official about the battery capacity, which was twice confirmed as a 5,100mAh capacity - not the previouly rumoured 5,000mAh.

Interestingly Lenovo also confirmed the P2 will be coming to UK shores and many other European regions - not just the Indian, easter European and Asian regions where such devices typically do so well.

No word on price or release date just yet, but we'll gather together more detailed information as and when it's officially seeded.

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