It's the era of modular phones. And Motorola, now under control of Lenovo, is one maker at the forefront of the interchangeable accessories concept. Its Moto Z phone was joined by a Moto Z Force in the States - but we've seen very little in the UK and Europe.

Now that's set to change, with the announcement of the Moto Z Play, the big battery behemoth. Its 3,510mAh cell is said to last for up to 50-hours, which is a capacity rarely rivalled in the phone market.

We were first introduced to the Moto Z Play when sampling the new Moto Mods Hasselblad True Zoom camera accessory at Lenovo's IFA press conference. It's an interesting magnetically-connected accessory that transforms any Moto Z into a 10x optical zoom camera equivalent. In addition the Mods family also offers JBL SoundBoost speaker and Insta-Share Projector accessories.

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The new Moto Z Play is all about longevity, but for that longer-lasting life you'll have to forego the premier Moto Z's slender 5.2mm design, as the Play measures a slightly thicker 7mm.

It's a big phone, but not any means huge by today's standards and feels just about right in the hand. Like other recent Moto Z handsets there's also a fingerprint scanner sat front and bottom, which, from our experience, works well in other iterations. 

The Play's 5.5-inch display delivers a Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution, again a drop compared to the premier Moto Z, but an expected one given the cut in price. The Moto Z Play will retail for "around €499", meaning it ought to be around the £450 mark.

Considering that price point the build quality of the phone is solid and we rather like the white and gold finish of the model we handled. It's got a water-repellent coating too, ensuring extra durability.

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Spec-wise the Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 processor, arranged in eight 2.05GHz processors and paired with 3GB RAM, might not sound top-of-the-tree, but actually that arrangement will be more than capable and assist the battery longevity. 

To finish the mix the front-facing 16MP camera, complete with laser-assisted autofocus and an f/2.0 lens isn't a million miles behind the premium Moto Z's positioning. However, that massive protruding disc to the rear doesn't look good at all if you've slipped a Mod unit off the back.

First Impressions

If longevity and affordability are high up your list, and you love the idea of buying into a modular phone, then the Motorola Moto Z Play might be the best access point into the Moto Mods family. And there's nothing stopping you putting the Incipio OffGrid power pack Mod onto to back too, for a phone that might last for, well, forever?