Acer might not be a company best known for its design greats. We've seen laptops shaped like the Starship Enterprise with the trackpad in the wrong place, to pull one example out of the bag, or plasticky budget-tickers aplenty.

Not so the Acer Swift 7. This less-than-1cm-thick laptop (ok, so it's 9.98mm) is affirmation that the Taiwanese company might finally be getting its act together in the plan to make attractive, high-end devices.

Dressed in gold and black, it's certainly a bling looking beauty. But that's the current trend; it's the kind of design that can take on HP's Spectre 13 and win, and with Apple's rumoured MacBook overhaul incoming, every company has got to go all-in.

Where the Swift 7 beats the likes of the HP Spectre 13, however, is in its processor choice. On board is a fanless Intel Core i5, we're told, so that there's no unwanted fan noise during operation. That's all possible thanks to Intel's latest 7th Gen Core i chips (click through for an Intel Kaby Lake explainer).

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However, the exterior black finish does like to attract more than its fair share of fingerprints, and we're not sure the soft-touch material finish is the best choice for a laptop that is expected to cost around €1,299/$999 mark.

Some other features we think are great, though. The oversized trackpad puts to shame all those off-centre or dinky designs that are all too common in laptops, plus it looks tip top thanks to that chamfered edging.

After Apple took the plunge and went USB Type-C only in its 12in MacBook design, it's taken a while for manufacturers and, admittedly, consumers to get on board with the idea. In the Swift 7 it's an obvious essential: a laptop couldn't be sub-1cm with ports any larger. And there's two of the things, side by side, meaning peripheral use and simultaneous charging is possible. Sure, some might miss the full-size port, but this is facing into the future.

As laptops go, Acer has really pulled out the design big guns for its brand new Swift 7. There will be less eye-catching models down the Swift range (1, 3 and 5 models will be part of the line-up), but at least the branding matches the concept.