We found Acer’s swanky Switch 12 S on the showfloor at this year’s Computex and had a short play. It's certainly a 2-in-1 laptop/tablet to be reckoned with.

The detachable Switch 12 S is mainly interesting for its innovative connectivity solutions. The otherwise aluminium back panel of the tablet has antennae discretely embedded along the panel towards the top area. This boosts the reception of your Wifi.

Also nifty are the two fold-out USB 3.0 ports in the keyboard. The design allows the 12 S to retain its slim footprint. The gold connection hinge for the tablet to the dock also serves as a 60GHz wireless connection between the two allowing for speedy data and power transfer.

The latch-free magnetic connection between the dock and the keyboard is quite sturdy. We think you'll need two hands to detach it, but this allows for viewing angles of up to 135-degrees.

The tablet itself, which contains all the inner workings of the device, battery included, is just 7.8mm thick and weighs in at 800g - not too shabby for a 12.5-inch device. The dock pushes that up to a still acceptable 1.4kg.

Pocket-lintswitch keybaord

We like the feel of the backlit chiclet keyboard. The connector adds a slight raise, giving a comfy typing angle, and the keys are well spaced with good travel. The keyboard is home to the aforementioned flip out USB ports.

Other ports include USB type-C giving up to 40Gbps data transfer, DC power in (either the USB-C or DC port can be used for charging), microSD and Mini HDMI. They are all on the tablet section.

The Switch 12 S is run on Intel Core M processors and boasts a 4K display.

There’s a 3D camera found on the rear of the tablet which permits users to capture movements or objects for 3D model generating.

Pocket-lintswitch graphics dock 2

The graphics dock is also quite interesting and adds Nvidia GTX 960M graphics to the mix. Acer claims that the dock is only compatible with the Switch 12 S and the Aspire R13, but we think if you do your homework it may well work with your other devices depending on the specifications.

It’s a nice looking machine, which can also be used tent style.

The back panel is a bit of a fingerprint magnet though, despite the matte finish. However, it’s a great 2-in-1 with good productivity potential and some really interesting connectivity solutions.

It’s already available in the UK with prices starting at around £900 or so.